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Go Fly A Kite!!
Here’s a great little kite string winder . . . sure to generate some high-flying profits at those upcoming Spring shows and craft fairs

Step 6: Cut all the dowels for the crank handle, holding handle, locking pin and axle locking dowel.

Step 7: Since the tops must be routed and their small size makes them difficult to hold during this process, we suggest that you work with a strip of four tops by cutting a piece of stock 3-inch wide x 3/4-inch thick x 18-3/4-inches long.

Step 8: Using a 1/4-inch straight router bit on your MARK V Router set-up or router table, make the through cuts for the  string guide slots across the centers of the four tops.

Step 9: Switch to a piloted 1/4-inch rounding-over router bit (bits with bearing pilots won’t work for these cuts) and, working from each side, round-over the edges of the slots to allow the string to slide through smoothly without snagging.

Step 10: Drill the various axle/handle components as indicated and glue them together.

Step 11: Assemble the sides, top and holding handle with glue and flathead wood screws, as shown.

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