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Go Fly A Kite!!
Here’s a great little kite string winder . . . sure to generate some high-flying profits at those upcoming Spring shows and craft fairs

Step 12: Insert the assembled handle through the sides, washers and spool, as shown.  Once positioned so the spool turns freely, drill a 1/4-inch diameter hole through the spool and axle (don’t go all the way through the opposite side) to accept the axle locking dowel.  Glue into position.

Step 13: Drill the 1-inch deep by 1/4-inch diameter spool locking hole through the side with the crank handle and into the spool. 

Step 14: Put the 1/2-inch diameter locking pin in your drill chuck and turn down 1-inch of it to 1/4-inch diameter, so it will slip into the hole you drilled in Step 13, above.  Drill a small 1/8-inch hole through the large end of the pin and tie a short piece of kite string through this hole.  Drill another 1/8-inch diameter hole in the winder side near the holding handle. Tie the other end of the string to this hole to prevent the loss of the locking pin.

Step 15: Sand and finish to suit.

A Note About Size - The secret to the functionality of a kite winder lies in the diameter of the spool.  The larger the spool diameter, the faster its user will be able to retrieve the kite…with fewer turns of the crank.  For that reason, serious flyers who enjoy sending their kites great distances may prefer a larger diameter spool.
No problem.  Just multiply the dimensions shown here by 1.5 -- 2 -- 2.5 -- or even 3 to produce a variety of different diameter spools to cover all categories of flyers.

Suggested Retail Price:   $18 to $24 (this size) —- up to $50 for large-sized spools


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